Massage classes online?

Where I live in Ohio, massage therapists are not required to acquire continuing education at all, unless you belong to a professional membership, like AMTA or ABMP. The State of Ohio Medical Board, through whom I’m licensed, does not require CE hours.

While there are currently efforts for the Medical Board to require 24 hours of massage continuing education every two years with renewals, I’ve seen some interesting reasons why we “shouldn’t” have to do continuing ed:

  • The human body doesn’t change, so why should we learn more?
  • Classes are too expensive.
  • Massage therapists don’t make enough money-the cost is unjustified.
  • 24 hours is a ridiculous amount. 12 would be – well, okay.
  • I don’t want to waste time on classes that don’t interest me.
  • It’s too hard to leave my business to take classes.
  • Therapists who have been licensed for 10 years + should be exempt.

This, friends, is frightening to me. Not only do some massage therapists not want live classes, but they don’t want classes at all.

For some time, there has been a push for online learning for massage therapists. On the surface, it seems like a good idea. Therapists can take classes at their leisure, in their own time frame, can save money by not having to take off time and work due to live class time and travel.

Online continuing education classes for massage therapists are typically significantly less expensive too. Don’t therapists may feel like they get their best bang for their buck when fulfilling their continuing education requirements online? Probably.

Is this best for the massage industry or for massage therapists, though?

Training: Barefoot Ashiatsu Classes – In Person – Not online

We believe that barefoot ashiatsu classes require direct personal instruction with a live, qualified, caring instructor.  Not a cold – one size fits all approach to learning found in an online course or dvd.

Some companies are offering barefoot ashiatsu massage training via online classes or online streaming.  How foolish.  Some things are not to be removed from that personal person to person experience.  Barefoot massage training is one of them.

In this video Simon Sinek, known the world over as having codified certain aspects of the business to person relationship,  illustrates why some things will always be better when done live – in person – in the same room – touchable.  Not some vague, cold approach to learning a skill which requires human touch as the final product.

I would suggest, for those that don’t wish to watch the entire video (I would strongly recommend doing so however) to go to one of the many main points. (timestamp 9:38 to 11:00 –  great example of how the person to person relationship is unavoidably the best way to truly connect)

Our Barefoot classes will never be based online for the sake of safety and because we wish to have a personal connection with our attending therapists that will last beyond the training.

Join us for exceptional learning that you can bring back to your practice.  After all, you don’t give your clients online massages – do you?