CBM Instructors

Meet the gang.  All of our instructors have gone, or are going through, training with Jeni and Mary-Claire extensively so we know exactly what is being taught and how it is being taught.  All of the girls are awesome in their own way and they are bringing barefoot massage into the light for all massage therapists to grow and offer better massages for their clients.

Here they are:

New York barefoot massage training - ashiatsu

New York

Texas ashiatsu barefoot massage classes and training

Texas, Anywhere Else Needed

Barefoot Massage Trainer in North Carolina

North Carolina

Washington barefoot training instructor


Ohio and Michigan ashiatsu barefoot massage training and classes

Ohio, Michigan

Missouri barefoot ashiatsu training



This is the new barefoot massage generation.  After listening to thousands of clients we have tallied up all their requests and done our homework to see where the modality needed to go next.  ~~  This is it  ~~

Check out the national schedule here