Think you have to live with pain? Not if my foot has anything to say about it! (Part 2)

In 2006, at a massage convention, I ran into the author of the article that saved my back from pain, Richard Rossiter. I told him that I had been studying his work through his online website, DVDs, and books since discovering the powerful effect Rossiter had on my back. Since my wife, Mickey, was the only person who had worked on me thus far, I asked if I could sample the foot of the master. 

Eager to grant my request, he invited me to hit the floor and proceeded to apply weight with much more authority. It was definitely more difficult to move through the stretches, but the effect was much more profound.

My back felt even better!

A year later, I was a Certified Rossiter Coach, and through continued advanced work on my legs, I experienced the ultimate back pain relief that continues to the writing of this article.

The crazy thing is, nobody ever touched my back.

All Rossiter work (for my situation) was done on the inside of my thighs (adductors). The work was done in less than thirty minutes, and my reward was a back that felt like it did when I was in the prime of my dance career.

Another added benefit to my Rossiter experience was not something I expected, nor was I able to do since retiring from dancing in 1998…the splits. A pain-free body and increased mobility to boot, not a bad deal.

Now 2017, I’m a Rossiter Senior Instructor, Rossiter Master Practitioner (AKA, Rossiter PainSlayer).

It doesn’t surprise me that a solution to a body experiencing pain can be obtained and maintained through stretching, but all stretching techniques are not created equal.

Rossiter three-dimensional power stretching blows all other stretching techniques out of the water in its ability to increase mobility and quickly reduce or illuminate pain symptoms in the first session.

Nearly every person who has allowed me to Rossiter them has received the same powerful effect that comes from reestablishing the needed space required for bodies to move pain-free. Sometimes, only being able to manage an individual’s pain by keeping it at bay is an unfortunate reality. Having the full potential of Rossiter at my disposal allows me to no longer settling for just “managing” people’s pain.

Why manage pain when you can eradicate it?

Rossiter Stretching is an extreme solution to what is often an extreme situation in people’s lives. This avant-garde modality is the road less traveled by traditional massage therapists.

This Rossiter System of stretching is a series of powerful and effective techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source, the connective tissue system.

Receiving training in Rossiter Stretching allows one to confidently and effectively work with complicated pain situations that most massage therapists are unprepared to deal with and would love to have a solution to offer their client in pain. Increased mobility and dramatically reducing or getting out of pain completely is possible in the very first session for those who embrace the full potential of a Rossiter session.

Rossiter doesn’t replace what you love to offer your clients, but it’s there when you need it!

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This week’s guest post is written by Chuck Lubeck, who is being hosted by our instructors Jeni Spring in San Antonio August 25-28 and Sara Newberry in St. Louis October 14-15, 2017.


Chuck, originally from Chicago, now resides in Augusta, Georgia with his beautiful wife of 33 years, Mickey. They met while pursuing dance careers and married after working in the national tour of Evita. They have 4 children: Nathan, 25, Josh, 20, Claire, 15, and Joseph, 11. 

Experiencing and resolving his dance injuries after 20 years in the professional dance world led him into the massage/bodywork industry. Like in dance, he has been fortunate to mentor and work with many of the leaders in the massage and bodywork industry and has advanced certifications in multiple modalities that address mobility and pain issues.

Extreme Performance Bodywork and Augusta Orthopedic Massage have been his two working clinics since 1999. Chuck’s work up until 2006 was 100% orthopedic massage, but since experiencing the results of Rossiter with his own body and seeing the results in his clinic with his patients and clients, 98% of his work is now Rossiter.

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