FASCIAnate your Ashiatsu Massage: Part 3

Ashiatsu therapists want to learn more Ashiatsu.

If you are already an experienced Ashiatsu barefoot massage therapist and you share our passion for giving the best massage from your feet possible, then we already know that you know (deep down) that you want to know more!!!


(Did that make sense?!) It makes sense to us. We’ve felt the craving for more information, just like you are now.  We want you to continue to improve your effectiveness and mindfulness in barefoot massage to help give your clients the healing (and heeling) that they are looking for. #NeverStopLearning is one of our favorite hashtags, and we have FOUR ways for you to do just that!

Today we’ll discuss your opportunity to RETRAIN by attending courses in their entirety.

Retraining is simple: start from scratch, and take a whole class!

The FasciAshi Fundamentals, Intermediate and ROM classes are unlike any Ashiatsu class on the market: and that goes double for our FasciAshi Advanced class! We’ve already talked about how you can attend a “down and dirty” cram session in our (rarely offered) Converge Classes to learn all new strokes in 1 day, or that you can drop in on a course 1 day at a time with our Revitalize classes when space is available. But… what if you want the whole experience?

What if you want to live and breathe every detail that our instructors can offer you?

What if you want to participate in the Student Clinic to practice your new footwork on the public, AND see your instructor demonstrate their adaptation of the sequence of strokes?

What if you want to be a part of the essence of FasciAshi from beginning to end?

Just come to a class, it’s that easy! You’ve taken a Beginner Ashiatsu class before? OK – take our Fundamentals class and learn this unique style. Be open to the opportunity to learn more. No short cuts, just the real deal. Pay for the whole class, get the whole experience. Absorb every drop of information that we can dish out.

Here is a graphic showing a comparison of the Revitalize, Converge and Retrain options available to you: ‘Nuff said!


We hope to meet you and your feet in one of our classes soon!