FASCIAnate your Ashiatsu Massage

How can existing Ashiatsu therapists learn FasciAshi?

If you are a massage therapist who already has formal Ashiatsu training, the Center for Barefoot Massage wants you and your Ashiatsu skill level to continue to grow.  We have FOUR ways for you to support your advancement in this style of massage, and blend the new strokes in with the old. These retraining opportunities allow you to revisit your Ashiatsu technique and body mechanics, while infusing it with FasciAshi’s innovative myofascial approaches to how you apply pressure through your feet.

Today we’ll discuss the Converge classes and what they entail – in the following weeks we’ll cover all options to step up your Ashiatsu game!


Converge classes help merge your current Ashiatsu skills with the Center for Barefoot Massage’s new FasciAshi techniques.

Converge [kuh n-vurj]

verb (used without object), converged, converging.

1. to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel.

2. to tend to a common result, conclusion, etc.

3. to level up your Ashiatsu skillset by adding FasciAshi techniques!!


Approach, focus, come together. Mingle, merge, combine.


Option #1: take the Converge option for the class you want to dive into.  It’s a 1 day “down and dirty” quick class to teach you as many FasciAshi tricks as we can from one of our core classes to blend into whatever you already know. (Proof of attendance in another ashiatsu workshop is required first.) This is a fast-paced, crash course class to squeeze everything into your busy schedule! You’ll just get to give and receive everything real quick once from another student – and sometimes dependant on class size, you’ll only work on clients. Due to time constraints there will not be a chance to work on an instructor, and no chance to completely clean up your bodymechanics, but at least you can plug in the new material to your sessions as soon as you get back to your own bars at work! You’ll get 8 CE’s and it’s $224.

These Converge classes are only available through the end of 2018, though, so get in touch with the FasciAshi instructor that you’d like to train with!

To participate in the Converge: Fundamentals class, we require that you have at least 16 hours of live, “feet-on”, single footed beginner level Ashiatsu training. Proof of CE hours is required, as is an active massage license.

For our Converge: Intermediate class, you’ll need at least 8 hours of live, “feet-on”, single footed Ashiatsu training for the anterior and sidelying aspects of the body – both Anterior AND sidelying is required, not one or the other. Proof of these CE hours, your active massage license, and proof of beginner level Ashiatsu training are all required.

The Converge:ROM class has a prerequisite of at least 12 hours in a live, table-top, full body Ashiatsu + Thai course, as well as beginner level Ashiatsu training and an active massage license.


This class is GREAT for experienced, confident Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapists, and for those who are quick learners.

If you have higher information retention levels in a classroom environment that is a little slower paced and allows you to give, receive and marinate in the work – then consider our Revitalize class, or even attending a course in it’s entirety. We’ll explain these options in blog posts to come. Stay tuned, or ask your regional Ashiatsu Instructor!


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