Massage Creeper article on Bored Panda

As massage therapists, we’ve got a pretty good thing going on in general. Clients come in tight or sore, and we make them feel better by the time they walk out the door. Barefoot massage is deep but comfortable and can put muscles back in place where they belong. Hands-on massage therapists provide pain relief as well, and relaxation.

For that, people are grateful.

But sometimes we get “Creepers”- typically men (not always, I’m sure) who ask things like if they can inspect our feet to make sure they are pretty enough for ashiatsu. In the 20 years that I’ve been doing massage, no one has asked to inspect my hands.

Or perhaps they ask what we are wearing or if we are the person in the photo on our website or ad. Once someone asked me in person how much I weighed.

Most massage therapists have dealt with this in one way or another, unfortunately. I was fortunate that our instructors talked about this in massage school. In our FasciAshi Fundamentals class, our instructors talk about what’s legit and what’s too creepy in regards to our massage with feet.

Some inquiries are no doubt legitimate or have been asked out of curiosity, but there are ridiculously blatant ones as well.

Head on over to Bored Panda, where we’ve got our “Dear Massage Creeper” article live. It’s a letter many massage therapists are currently rejoicing over and are wanting to share with others.

What kind of weird or creepy things have happened to you in regards to massage? Also, if you have tips to share in how to handle weirdos, please do!

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