Tuesday TOESday: another easy way to add ashiatsu cream

Recently, Jeni wrote a blog post about how to re-apply lubricant to her ashiatsu client by applying it to her shin. Today I’m sharing another easy way to add ashiatsu cream. Sometimes I wear long leggings or stretchy jeans (Must. Have. Stretch.) that come down to my ankles and so I can’t keep extra cream on my shins.

Why does this whole applying cream thing matter?

If you put cream all over your hands like you do for hands-on massage, the bars will get slimed up. When the bars are slippery, you need to grip them tighter. Because you grip the bars tighter, your forearms get sore. And then you’ve taken away part of the reason why you’ve learned ashiatsu in the first place: to save your hands and forearms from undue stress.

Learning how to apply ashiatsu massage cream cleanly when you’re doing barefoot massage will add another element of smoothness to your session also.

Typically what I see in class is students:

  1. bending over to apply cream with their hands, resulting in cream all over their hands, which they end up wiping on their pants or manage to get in their hair like Something About Mary or
  2. putting the cream all over their hands and rubbing them together then applying it to their foot, resulting in the same problem
  3. keeping it on their arm, which gets all over the ashi strap or in their hair as in scenario 1.

Stop the madness.

Just put a little blip on the tip of your index finger and put that on the ball of your foot or in the arch. Effleurage to rub it in. Need more? Rinse and repeat. The end.

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👣 How do you reapply massage cream in your ashiatsu treatment?

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