Tuesday TOESday: The magical thing you didn’t know your massage table could do.

Did you know that your portable massage table has many settings and FEETures that work awesome specifically for Barefoot Massage?


Fold those legs up underneath the frame and take your massage table to the floor!

Have you ever been sitting at home wishing you could practice some of your barefoot moves on your partner or kids, only to find yourself frustrated about bolstering and the challenge of maintaining cervical alignment?

That massage table is so much more supportive and comfortable than just the floor or a yoga mat!

You lie them down prone and prop some towels under their head. Maybe you place a pillow under their chest so they’re up high enough to breathe and maintain alignment, never really feeling entirely satisfied with the results.

This past week I was in Texas for the Barefoot Massage Summer Camp co- teaching ROM (Range of Motion) with Jeni. I jumped on the opportunity to take the Fijian Floor Class while I was there.

It was a great class and a fun week filled with amazing soles and all of the fantastic new material being put out by The Center for Barefoot Massage.

Being surrounded by sole sisters (see last week’s post for all the reasons you should be looking for your own sole sisters!), and talking about different ways to create a comfortable space for  Fijian massage as well as home play, Jeni casually mentions that you can drop your massage table down to the floor.

You can drop your massage table down to the floor???

Not only can you, but it’s really simple! My mind was blown. Why hadn’t I even thought about it before?! I was so excited about this discovery and how easy it would be to practice massage at home, as well as apply the amazing new Fijian barefoot techniques I had learned, I tried it out right away when I got back to the office.

Drop it like it’s hot:

  1. If you have an Earthlite Spirit table, look under the legs to find the end that has the wing nuts on both sides.

2. You’ll need a Phillip’s head screw driver to hold the outside screw while you unscrew wing nut.

3. Unscrew the wingnuts on only one end of the table.

Viola!! Now that the legs are loose and the tension is released from the cords you can
fold your massage table legs flat into the table.

Ways to use your new floor table:

  • Comfortable massage your partner or kids while watching tv or studying
  • Don’t have portables? Grab a chair and your new floor table and take it to your local gym and demo some compression techniques and maybe some ROM strokes that you can pull off without your bars.
  • Practice your amazing new Fijian Massage techniques (classes available at HeelingSole.com)
  • Or if you have an abundance of tables, like Jeni, you can make a dog bed out of it!

Some strokes to try out with your table on the floor:

  • Compression and rocking, pulling the erectors away from the spine
  • Quad 2 from ROM
  • Trap Compression
  • Anything you know from Traditional Thai massage or Shiatsu!
  • …AND SO MUCH MORE, especially if you can attend one of our upcoming Fijian or Rossiter classes that specifically teach you stances, positions and body mechanics for barefoot massage on the “mat” or floor.

Well, what will you do with your new toy? Share with us in the comments below!

See ya next Tuesday TOESday!

Our guest post today was written by our Washington state instructor, Mariah Neeson.

She has been a massage therapist for 2 decades with nearly 10 years of barefoot massage experience. Her passion for ashiatsu helps to fuel her drive to teach other massage therapists the art of skillfully using their feet to save their massage career.

Along with FasciAshi Fundamentals, Intermediate and ROM (Range of Motion), she also teaches couples’ massage classes at The Space in Spokane and hangs out with her boys whenever she can.