Tuesday TOESday: FasciAshi Levitation


Today we’ll show you how to levitate your clients.

Jeni made an Instagram post explaining this earlier in the summer, so some of you may already have practice with this magic trick…

All you’ll need is an Earthlite Ellora electric table – a bamboo stick, and your feet! It’s not just a Halloween trick, it’s a treat for you!

Ok so we won’t LITERALLY teach you how to levitate your clients, but with your smooth barefoot massage moves that usually leave people floating, combined with this cool trick to raising the table, it’s sure to lift your spirits (as well as your client) up at least a few inches! 😉

Electric and hydrolic tables are a lifesaver and allow you to get everything just right! You may be massaging with your hands, then will need to adjust the table height so that you can properly reach your bars when you hop up on your client. Some of you may need to change the table height during the session for better leverage during a certain stroke. Other therapists may need to lower it to allow their clients easier access as they get on or off the table.

For whatever reason why you need to change your table height, watch this video to see a fun trick on how to do it!  Don’t just r-e-a-c-h for your Ashiatsu bars, stand up at the right height and grab them!

I’ll move the table up and down a few times during a session.

::GASP::  What?!

I know some therapists are worried that it can detract from the clients “zen”… but what about YOUR zen?! One of my massage instructors in massage school once told me something that has stuck with me:

“This is your massage table, you paid for it… set it up how you want it and make your client move if you have to.” 

(OK, she said something like that anyways, close enough!)

That little sound byte right there has always reminded me not to be timid while repositioning the clients limbs, or when asking them to shimmy their body to the direct center of the table. Back in massage school, this little bit of empowerment gave me permission to sit on the table, kneel on it, and eventually stand on it, without stressing over bothering the client. So I’ll pass that advice onto you: it’s your table, do whatchoo wanna do!

As for raising or lowering the massage table during a massage!? Be like Nike and Just Do it.

If that extra 3 inches up makes your bodymechanics with that client just perfect, if dropping it 1 inch helps you reach that tricky spot on their body, or if it needs to be a totally different height to allow you the proper leverage during the seated work: it’s well worth the money you paid for that table to FEARLESSLY adjust it’s height during a massage. Preventing pain or strain in your own body is just as important as alleviating your clients pain and strain.

…Here is a cheesy video of me, Jeni, “testing” out my third electric table by dancing on it while raising it up all the way – so you can see what it’s like to stand on it as it moves!