Tuesday Toesday–fix your stool tip

Just when you think that you’ve got a grip on your ashiatsu barefoot massage session, your body tilts just a teensy bit the wrong way, and CLUNK! Your stool at the head of the table slams into the wall. Today we’ll show you how to eliminate that issue so your client’s not terrified you’re about to fall on his head, and you feel a little more stable.

Problem:  caused by your baseboard that juts out from the wall, and the top of your stool often comes several inches from the wall itself. When you’re not quite centered on your stool as your using your other foot to massage, the stool tilts backwards.

Solution: costs under $1 and takes less than one minute.

Supplies needed:

  • your stool–round, square, or rectangle
  • scissors (larger than your eyebrow scissors, please)
  • a pool noodle – I got mine for 97¢ at Wal-mart
  • optional-a hand towel to cover your handywork.

Cut about 2.5-3″ off the pool noodle’s end. You can still use the rest of it in the pool!

The baby noodle, now your stool bumper, then needs to be cut lengthwise.

Open it up, slide it onto the back of your stool, and voilà! Your stool bumper is complete. Feel free to use a hand towel to cover the stool and your bumper in case neon green or bright blue doesn’t fit into your decor.

Here’s a quick video on exactly how it’s done, and you can find easy bolstering tips here to make your client comfortable. Happy barefoot massage-ing!

p.s. Here’s what my shirt I wear in the video says: