Unboxing the Earthlite table cover

There was a big discussion recently on a Facebook massage group that I’m in, and it was about the sanitation of massage tables. Some people really think we need to be a little more operating room ready and make sure our tables are completely sanitized prior to replacing our linens.

One massage therapist went so far as to say that if she’s getting a massage, she will look underneath the sheets to see if there is a sanitize-able (I think I made up that word) protector under the fitted sheet. If not, she will walk out the door.

I did go to school a long time ago (graduated 19 years ago), and we never discussed anything like this, at least to the best of my knowledge. We did talk about wiping off the tables and of course using clean linens for each client!

At the time, I had been interested in sports massage, so I bought a waterproof table cover. But the material felt like an outdoor tarp. And it was boxy. There is no way you could put sheets on top of it.

Cozy fleece pads can be washed, but it’s unlikely that they are typically changed between clients. My Earthlite deluxe heating pad has the wires inside the fleece, so it can’t be washed. It can only be spot cleaned. (We can get a discount for therapists-email us at info@barefootmassagecenter.com.)

So I did a little research and came across the Earthlite professional table cover. 

It will not only protect your table and your heating pad, but it can easily be cleaned. This means you can wipe it down between clients and before you put your sheets on top.

This is particularly important if you have a client with incontinence or other bodily fluids that come in contact with your sheets.

The SnugFit™ elastic corners fit both square and round table corners and their double-stitched water-resistant upholstery ensures strength.

The cover can be ordered in  28″, 30″, and 32″. We’ll need to talk to them about creating one for our favorite table, the 35″ Ellora!

(We LOVE Earthlite. Check out our blogs about them here, and here, and here. Oh, and here too.)

Colors available are beige and black. Not that it matters if you use them under sheets, because no one will see them.

But they could be used for public events! Simply wipe it down in between demos.

So in the video, I’ve unboxed it and placed it snugly on the table. It really does fit like a glove.

There are holes only on one side, and you need to take your face cradle off and simply reinsert the posts back in through the cover’s holes. The holes are really wide, so they would probably fit most tables, but I’ve got it on my 32″ Ellora. 

The cover fits super snugly. With my sheets on it, you wouldn’t know it was on there if you didn’t know it was on there. There are no crinkly noises at all when I walk on it.

My ashiatsu clients absolutely cannot tell that there is extra protection under the sheet.

Email us at info@barefootmassagecenter.com if you’d like to get one for a discount. I’m sure your clients will appreciate the extra effort you’re taking to keep them safe.

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