Update to our Intermediate FasciAshi class!

Center-for-Barefoot-Massage-Intermediate-barefoot-massage-CE-courseWe are proud of the strokes and theories presented in the Intermediate FasciAshi course, and we get so excited at the potential this particular workshop offers for your growth in the technique! It’s a class favorited by our instructors, and an important step towards bringing the skill level of your feet up to par with your hands.

Our Intermediate course, where you’ll learn the supine and sidebody FasciAshi material, has been a 12 CE hour course since it’s release early this year. Feedback from our students and faculty has shown that the amount of information provided within this 12 hour long class is too much for the time span allowed. The Center for Barefoot Massage is listening to you! We are extending the class to allow more time to allow you to experience the class without feeling rushed.

Starting in January, 2018, you’ll see the FasciAshi Intermediate: Supine & Sidebody course listed for $447, which is our standard price for all two day, 16 CE classes. You’ll see this change reflected soon on our website – it is already in place for any 2018 Intermediate class listed.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Receive the equivalent of a 4 hour massage from your instructor and fellow students! The amount of time you’ll spend underfoot may be split into 60-120 minute sessions at a time over the course of 2 days as we progress from the sidelying position to the anterior body FasciAshi strokes.
  • Massage multiple students in class, clocking in about 3.5-4 hours of instructional time spent learning the strokes.
  • Learn body mechanics and modifications to strokes utlizing the Ashi-Strap and the angle of pressure options it provides.
  • Participate in a group discussion on the indications, cautions and contraindications for the techniques specific to this class, and see how it relates to your clients.
  • Practice and review the material during the Student Clinic, where you’ll massage a real client from the public and put the new techniques into practice under the instructors supervision.
  • Observe the instructor and fellow students providing the techniques to clients, offering you the chance to take note of modifications for varying body types.

We are confident that this 4 hour addition to the class length will further enhance our students retention and comprehension, creativity and proficiency of the amazing deep tissue, trigger point, cross fiber and fascial techniques they’ll learn with their feet!  This class can be attended by those who have attended FasciAshi Fundamentals, as well as any Ashiatsu therapist who can provide proof of live training in another Beginner Ashiatsu CE course that was at least 16 hours in length. FasciAshi Intermediate is still a prerequisite for our FasciAshi Advanced course. You can read an overview about all the classes we offer here.

If you are ready to learn how to massage Psoas, the Pectorals, Subscapularis, TFL, the Quads and Adductors, as well as manipulate the feet, hips, ribs, neck and shoulders with greater accuracy and depth: DON’T MISS THIS CLASS!

Have YOU attended our Intermediate: Supine/Sidebody class this year? Tell us what your favorite part was in the comments below!

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