Wrapping a Mother Earth neck pillow for massage

Today’s Tuesday TOESday tip is a simple one for all massage therapists, whether you do barefoot massage or not. A small Mother Earth pillow under the client’s neck is a lovely accoutrement. Clients love it and frequently comment on how nice it feels when I place under their cervical spine.

The small bolster feels great under the client’s neck when they are supine, and it warms the tissues well. This makes it even easier to get in deeply with your toes or fingers.

But it’s a pain to take the cover off, and worse to put it back on. They need to be washed each time they touch the client’s skin, and they have to hang dry.

And if you accidentally put one in the dryer, good luck getting it back on the pillow! I learned this the hard way. It was, I imagine, about as easy as putting a girdle on a walrus.

You could buy or make little pillowcases for them, but since I have a bazillion hand towels in my office, I’ve found the easiest way to use the pillows is simply by wrapping it like a burrito.

👣 Lay the towel flat.
👣 Place the pillow on top of it lengthwise.
👣 Fold the short ends over each end of the pillow.
👣 Fold over the long ends, and roll it.

Viola! It’s all set to use.

This takes about 5 seconds to actually wrap the pillow. You can then use it right away under your client’s neck or place it in your hot towel cabby (as long as there’s nothing moist in there) and you’re set to go!

Do you wash your pillow cases or cover them up for a quick and easy change?

For a long time, I actually used my face cradle covers, but they are much more awkward, expensive, and I have fewer of them. So the hand towel was a natural and quick solution to my problem.

Know anyone who uses Mother Earth neck pillows and laments over washing them? 

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