Eliminate massage sheet squish

We see it all the time when massage therapists are learning barefoot massage in class. They step on each side of the client’s body by the hips. Invariably the sheet pushes the client’s bum down towards the massage table.

It feels just plain weird. And annoying too. Plus, it makes your client aware that you are walking on the table.

They KNOW you are, but they don’t need to FEEL that you are.

Massage sheet / bum squish usually happens when the barefoot therapist is standing on each side of her client’s hips when they are getting ready to ashiatsu on hands or even the back.

There’s a simple fix. Just pull in the sheet a little bit and tuck by your client’s hips.

That way, when you stand on the sheet, you’re not pulling your client’s glutes apart or squishing them down to the table.

That’s all there is to it. Be cognizant of where you are on the table, and your clients will appreciate your ashiatsu training even more.

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