Tuesday TOESday–help your massage client cover their stuff!

One of the benefits of teaching is that we learn every time we teach. It may be what NOT to do 😉 but sometimes it’s something cool. One of my students in my last class showed us this cool tip as to how to effectively (and we’re all about effective) cover their bits and parts when they get up off the massage table. This trick is good for any massage therapist!

Normally, they’d get up off the table when you’re not in the room. But say they need to go to the bathroom and time’s short, so they don’t want you to have to step out for them to get dressed or wrapped up.

OR you’re taking a massage class and you don’t feel comfortable being all butt nakedy in a room full of strangers when you get up off the table.

Read on (or save yourself some time and just watch the video)!

The client needs to be lying on his / her back for this to work

  • Cover up their shoulders with the corners of the fitted sheet.
  • Have them sit up, holding the flat sheet against their chest. The fitted sheet should stay put on the shoulders.
  • Ask them to put one leg on each side of the table–make sure their feet are uncovered.
  • Pull up the bottom corners of the fitted sheet and have the client pull them through his / her legs.


They have on the biggest cloth diaper you’ve ever seen, and all the private parts stay private.

As they say in the film biz, “It’s a wrap!” (Get it? A massage client wrap! 😉 )

Happy Tuesday TOESday!



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