Tuesday TOESday: Rectangle Barstools for Ashiatsu Massage

The gear you use in an Ashiatsu Massage makes all the difference, especially once you start to figure out how to use different options to your benefit! When I first started offering Ashiatsu, I used those typical circle-shaped bar stools. (I actually still have the first pair that I bought for class!)

I think I waited too long to upgrade my barstool to a different shape. I’ve got long limbs and long toes, I had no issues reaching my clients, so why fix something that ain’t broke!? Well, turns out that getting closer in proximity during the supine neck work will open up more options to how you massage with your hands and feet simultaneously!

Why Rectangle Barstools help make your Ashiatsu Massage easier:

It’s natural to start with the equipment you are trained on, then start to notice other options available down the road. If your original Ashiatsu classroom had round barstools, that’s typical, but hopefully you also had the opportunity in class, or since, to experiment on a different seat.

As our new FasciAshi techniques help your massage services reach epic porportions of popularity, you’ll be bringing home the bacon and bigger paychecks. That’s when you can maybe justify spending a little bit more money on nicer, neater, new equipment!

Our Durham, North Carolina Ashiatsu Instructor, Julie Marciniak is known for her barstool hunting addiction: she’s got a collection with a specific use for each one!  So if you are teetering on the idea of changing your gear, here’s some benefits to using the ~slightly more pricey~ rectangle shaped stools:

  1. There’s more room to sit!!! While doing any HandsFree Ashiatsu massage, you’ll be seated on the barstool: might as well go for the most sturdy, comfortable one you can find!
  2. You can change your hip angle while seated to approach the clients upper body on the diagonal because you’ll have more room to adjust yourself side to side.
  3. No wobble: As long as the seat isn’t too saddle-shaped, many Ashiatsu Therapists prefer to use the rectangle-shaped bar stools for the standing work, as they are much less likely to tip.
  4. For our ROM class, we utilize the broad stool as a prop for your clients limbs, so the more surface area to rest them, the better.
  5. Get TURNT! During any Supine/Anterior work, for those therapists who have their table height and table positioning set perfectly, but still find that they can’t reach their clients with their hands and feet at the same time, well, you can turn the barstool! (As seen in the video below)

Hey alla y’all Barefoot Massage therapists: How much time per session are you spending in the seated position?

I’ve easily spent an hour working in detail from the barstool, and never once stood up during the session!

Leave a comment below with your record time massaging from the barstool, and share this post with your other Ashiatsu friends!


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  1. You can also add in a bolster behind your back if you’ve got short legs so you still have lumbar support when you need to be further from the wall for seated work!

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