Pure Pro for learning barefoot massage

We at Center for Barefoot Massage are pleased to be partnered with Dianna of Pure Pro. Their deep tissue massage cream is like summer butter, all squishy and melty.

There’s enough glide so you don’t inadvertently wax your client’s back but not too much that you can’t learn myofascial barefoot massage.

Why use cream at all if we’re doing myofascial ashiatsu (AKA FasciAshi)? Check out our post here.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many different massage creams, lotions, and oils. Some worked well, others didn’t. One thing I’ve noticed consistently is that the pumps for the larger containers (I usually got 5 gallons at a time) didn’t work well at all.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure at discovering that the Pure Pro cream actually slides easily right out of the 1-gallon container with no problems whatsoever.

If you watch the video, you can easily see the consistency of the Pure Pro massage cream coming out of the container.

It’s free of parabens, nut, glutens, is animal-friendly (no testing on bunnies!) and is vegan too. Plus, it makes an excellent hand cream if you run out. 😉

According to their website, the cost of using Pure Pro’s deep tissue massage cream is only 79¢ per treatment if you buy it in the one-gallon container.

You can purchase the smaller container here. Just scroll down on that page-the gallon container is below that on the right.

Remember that students of our classes get a nice discount on their first order. If you’ve taken one of our classes but lost your coupon, check with your instructor to get the discount!

Wondering about that beige cover on my massage table? It’s Earthlite’s microfiber professional table cover.

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