Tuesday TOESday: Applying massage lotion

We all know how to apply massage lotion to your clients with our hands: but how about with your feet?

Our faculty and alumni all have their own ways of adding their creme, lotion or oil during sessions. One massage lotion application is to squirt the lubricant onto your foot, then do some smearing strokes to work it along the area you’ll be focusing on… then DO YOUR THANG! (You’ll need to have a holster on your hip to hold that lube tube!) This version definitely helps to avoid getting your hands slippery, which alters your grasp on the bars.

We love to teach you tricks like this in our FasciAshi Fundamentals classes!

How do YOU put the lotion on its skin!?!??!

Read more below:I like to leave a dab of creme on my shin, but only if I’ve cleaned the entire length of my lower legs prior to the session. It’s that same idea we all use when massaging with our hands: you know how we put a glob of creme on our upper arm and dip into it as needed throught the massage? That works on your shin, too! Just dab creme on your left shin, and use your right foot to swipe through it, and smear it on the client as “kneaded!”

During your next appointment, challenge yourself NOT to use your hands for this easy component to our work, and just see what you can do!

(Anything hands can do, feet can do better!)

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