FASCIAnate your Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage: Part 2

How can existing Ashiatsu therapists learn FasciAshi?

If you are an LMT who already has formal Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage training, the Center for Barefoot Massage wants you and your Ashiatsu skill level to continue to grow.  We want you to continually be self-aware and conscious of how you are applying barefoot massage daily. We want you to question and expand your approach, but check back into the foundations of its body mechanics and intentions. We want you to grow to understand the aspects of the work that you didn’t quite “get” during class – and we want you to continually discover new aspects of the material that you never noticed before. We have FOUR ways for you to support your advancement in this style of massage, and blend the new strokes in with the old, to dive deeper into the material we present, to know it inside and out. These retraining opportunities allow you to revisit your Ashiatsu technique and biomechanics, while infusing it with FasciAshi’s innovative myofascial approaches to how you apply pressure through your feet.

Today we’ll discuss the REVITALIZE classes and what they entail – in the following weeks we’ll cover all options to step up your Ashiatsu game!

If you want to be a Jedi Master at Ashiatsu, training and retraining is key.




verb (used with object), re·vi·tal·ized, re·vi·tal·iz·ing.

1. to give new life to.

2. to give new vitality or vigor to.

Synonyms: Restore, replenish, revive. Refresh, rejuvinate, resuscitate.


Revitalize your ashiatsu practice 1 day at a time in an existing FasciAshi class.

This is ideal for FasciAshi students. Ashiatsu practitioners who were trained by our instructors prior to the birth of FasciAshi, or if you were trained by other companies, however, may participate in a class on our schedule most similar to the one you have taken elsewhere.  (Proof of live prior ashiatsu training attendance is required first, prerequisites may apply – ask us for more info!)

In a Revitalizer class, you’ll be paired with another bodywork buddy so that you two can follow along, giving and receiving the new strokes, having fun on the bars, observing and participating in every technique while it’s being taught by our experienced faculty. All this at the normal classroom pace. If time allows, the instructor will be able to come over to your table and give you some individualized attention, but please keep in mind that the instructor has to focus on the new, full-price-paying students who are in class for the 1st time. You are here to be a sponge as you give and receive the massage, watching, listening, feeling and absorbing information through all your senses!


All Revitalizer classes are 8 hours in length total. In the new FasciAshi courses, each day of class lets you experience a new series of strokes. Please note the daily schedule for the classes we offer, so you can best plan which day of training to attend at a time.  We encourage you to attend both days in succession whenever possible.

This class is GREAT for Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage learners who better retain information in a detailed classroom environment.

In your Revitalize class, you will have a chance to give and receive the work in a relaxed pace so that you can learn or review the new strokes, but you WILL NOT receive a workbook/manual or access to any post-class support videos showing the strokes presented in class. Your chance to observe or participate in student clinic rounds is NOT offered in Revitalize classes.  However, YOU WILL get to hear every presentation and group discussion scheduled on those days of training: such as “Launching your Ashiatsu Service,” explanation of the therapeutic theories to infuse within your strokes, and of course, you’ll hear our enlightening “DISCussion and Contraindications” lectures.  Keep in mind that in order to be a part of every stroke in every class, you’ll need to attend both days of Revitalize training in the end, which would total $200. (Except for the case of Supine/Sidebody, where you’ll already be attending partial hours on both days of that class for $100, due to that particular classes unique schedule.)

Keep in mind that only our rarely offered Converge classes will provide access to videos, abbreviated manuals, limited online support materials, & eligibility to apply for Certification. Our regularly offered full-priced, full-length classes offer the full instruction workbook/manual, online video and image resources, the student clinic participation, downloadable forms, &  access to apply for Certification, and easy access to attend our FasciAshi Advanced course. (That is why Revitalize classes are so cheap, they are meant as a recap.Consider these retraining options for whatever best fits your schedule, your learning style, and your budget. If you want to be a Jedi Master at Ashiatsu, training and retraining is key.


As a special courtesy to our past graduates and fans, we are currently offering Revitalizer classes for $100/day – but this price is valid for 2017 only. We will re-evaluate the way these review courses are offered in 2018. So take advantage of the opportunity to unlearn and relearn what you’ve learned in your FasciAshi training, and add onto your existing Ashiatsu training while you can!